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Photo of the day

“Why am I doing this?”

“That’s what I asked myself in December 2009, what do I want to achieve in 2010? I came to the decision to start a 365-day project. I had the idea to photograph something every day, and then publish the photo. At that point I didn’t had the idea to only photograph people.

It was the start of the year 2010 when I shot the first person I approached on the street, after that I knew that I only wanted to do portraits. It’s amazing to do, talk to strangers and ask if you can get a picture of them.”

"The best camera is the one that's with you."
Chase Jarvis
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Tokyo Compression

“‘Tokyo compression’ by german-born hong kong-based photographer michael wolf is a collection of images showcasing local commuters through the aperture of foggy subway car doors. at once a snapshot of the capital city’s density, urban infrastructure, and societal makeup, the voyeuristic series captures subjects ranging from sleepy indifference to dazed confusion.”

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Extremely Rare Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris

“Although some of these images might look like a modern day photography and some of them like painted pictures, actually it is real colored photographies, taken at the beginning of the 20th century Paris (France). It is extremely astonishing to look at the world now long gone, the world which you are used to see in black & white images and often with poor quality.

All the images shown below were taken using Autochrome Lumière technology. It’s an early color photography process, patented in 1903 and invented by the famous French Auguste and Louis Lumière, populary known as Lumière Brothers. They were the earliest filmmakers in history.

So, here it is! The city of love: the streets, the architecture, the people, interiors and grand events – all of them in their true colors.”

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The World Open

“THE OPEN is a worldwide photo competition to search and recognize the most inspirational photographers of our generation. The competition is for pros and aspiring pros from any country in the world. The categories of competition are: action, street, nature, people and ‘open.’ Learn More 

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The Natural World

“We share our world with many other species and live in an ever-changing environment. Fortunately, photographers around the world have captured the moments and beauty that allow us to see amazing views of this awe-inspiring planet.” –Leanne Burden Seidel 

"No place is worth traveling to if it's not worth taking a picture of…"